Here is for "Conqueror is just 20% penetration" guys.

So I took some time to summarize why conqueror is actually unhealthy. I put it in a nice graph since I know people don't want to read alot. 20% damage converted to true damage vs 20% armor pen. This is on someone that has 300 ad. (note both cases includes conquerors level 18 +36 damage) Conqueror should be changed to armor pen. Not only is it healthier for the game, tanks can actually still build armor into it. Either that or its balance point should be moved towards being a niche pick against high armor targets. Please riot conqueror really is too good against all armor. It needs changing. Edit: Alot of people are asking for the really long winded formula. I never actually made the long ass formula. I just did a series of small ones in excel Here is what the table looks like. (note the damage dealt is with the 36 ad from conqueror as if you had 0 armor.) Keep in mind the damage before conqueror column removes the 36 ad. Thats why in the 100 armor area you see 150 instead of 168. That was the table for conqueror damage with 20% true damage. Here is the 20% pen Edit #2 I also had to assume a damage value, which is why I stated 300 ad (+36 with conqueror) because the increases decrease the more damage you have. For example if you had 100ad vs 100 armor conqueror would increase your damage by 63.2% between the added 36 ad and the 20% true damage. Realistically you wouldn't be as high of level and would only get something like +14 ad and then it sees almost exactly the same increase. Unless you are using spells instead of autos, in which case you would need to change a few numbers around to show the damage done by the ability rather than the raw +36 damage increase. Edit 3: Someone pointed out that conqueror only gives 35ad (my bad guys 1 ad off) I redid the tables and it lowers the % increase by .4. Yes thats .4% off which I mean is error, but we should probably also talk about rounding errors too then. As you may or may not know my data only includes 10 numbers and trailing decimals. I should probably do some truncated rounding to make sure that we round off any of that shit too. Good news. The graph is literally identical, and still shows the same god damn thing.
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