Is this common knowledge or am I asking too much?

When your lanes are being pushed to their respective turrets, this would be an easy gank for a Jungle right? Or obvious gank opportunity.. right? I aks because, I have had multiple recent games where jg replies "It's not my jewb to win your lane"... It's like, I thought this was a team game? And if you let a winning lane for the opposing team continue to dominate, don't be surprised when they DOMINATE out of lane too!! I am in Silver but too me, even Jungles in bronze seemed to gank when I say 'Hey we have been pushed up to turret for a good minute now, gank?' they don't respond with 'It's not my job to win your lane'... Usually, it's a direct I'm on the way ping.. whereas motherfuckers in silver go.. 'Ight let me get red buff' then proceeds to forget about ganking or 'ganks' by walking in the lane, throw a spell, take minions, leave! I know Bronze=silver... But fuck it, the jungle ACTUALLY listened!
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