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There and important misconception that I run into among players and community members when talking about the game, and it seems really important that it be cleared up. "*Insert champion or mechanic here* is unfun/uninteractive/poorly designed/bad to play against" does not translate to "______ is OP" Those are two very different concepts, the difference being, in the first one, there is a definitive way to address it, which handles the problem just fine. In the second one, there is very little to do about it other than being sufficiently better across enough skill axes. And to be honest, I'd rather play against something thats OP. I would rather play against a champion who wins the even fight at all times in all ways all points in the game, than something like Vayne or Yasuo. Vayne and Yasuo aren't OP, they're just unfun. They suck to play against, and they're horrendously poor designs. I could shit a better champion design than either of them. BUT there are ways to beat both of them. I know I can just afk the lane, do nothing, farm, never try to fight vayne, let my jungler not gank me, sit on my hands because I didn't pick lucian, and just kinda chill and wait. I know I can just avoid ever trying to 1v1 her, because post 6 there is literally no way to win it, since your autos will always be declare after hers, and she will always be in range of you, even when she backs up to space out. I know I should just not bother trading, since once she has bork she heals up anything other than a massive chunk. I am totally aware that the right thing to do, is just build the wave up, and the crash it into her tower and the just back up and do it again. I am aware that out of lane, the way you fight Vayne is to force out her ulti and then disengage. I know that I should just leave it to my midlaner to poke them out, or for my top and jungle to CC and burst her down, and that them doing so is what will force her cooldowns. and I know that during that time, my job is to remain in a position just waiting incase they try to engage, so that I will be able to kill the enemy team. BUT to be clear, I don't want to do that. I don't want to just afk my lane. I don't want to just do nothing and push, I don't want to jus beat off on the creep wave and sustain up. like "Heh heh man, this sustain battle is nuts" but thats the only option. There are so many champions where "Well if it needs to be changed then why don't the pros abuse it?" simple, because there is a way to beat it, and they can rely on their team to their job in executing that plan. But I can neither rely on my team like that, nor do I want to just follow a script. I'm not a pro, I want to play, I want to fight the enemy, I want to have many paths to victory and defeat, I want to be rewarded for BOTH my team play and my solo play. I don't want to know exactly what the most optimal thing to do is from level 1, especially when that optimal thing is fucking boring. And its these obnoxious, linear, uninteractive champions that deserve priority in fixing. Because, sure "Ezreal is ruining high elo and hes totally unbalanced" well, yes. He is, definitely, I've played him, hes busted. But I would 10/10 rather lane against him in bottom lane than some dumb interactive pick anywhere on the map like Vayne, Yasuo, Irelia, Camille, or Braum. A big reason being, it never feels good to beat them. When some Yasuo with no fingers or brain cells flashes under your tower and kills himself cause hes bad, that doesn't feel good. When the Yasuo is just spam Eing the wave, and is just too far up, and dies to the dumbest most obvious ganks ever, that doesn't feel good. When you just spam gank Vayne, and shes always under her tower doing nothing, unable to farm, not playing the game, that doesn't feel good. These champions, when they lose, don't just lose, the get ground into the fucking dirt, and thats the only way to play against them. You have to just obliterate whatever idiot picked these champs, because thats their "balancing point" which they usually fail on in some way. I don't like winning a stomp. I don't like being 12 kill midlane Jhin, killing the Kayn like hes just another camp on my route through the enemy jungle. Those aren't fun games, and they're made even more stressful because of shut down. Its an unrewarding stressful experience to stomp the enemy, and the gross imbalance in gold equity in the shutdown system only serve to make the wins with it feel cheap, and the losses to it feel like being cheated.

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