Patch 8.11 Early Look

It's finally [here](! Hail of Blades (Domination keystone) "For quick fights." Fleet Footwork "Less safety early." Infinity Edge "Crit-focused marksmen will have to wait longer to scale up." Stormrazor "Hit hard, then hit fast." Essence Reaver "Ultimate spell-slinging synergy." Lord Dominik's Regards "Now it punches through base armor, too." Blade of the Ruined King "It's cheaper." The Bloodthirster "It's cheaper." Guardian Angel "You'll be sturdier while you build this." Maw of Malmortius "Better stats and a shield scaling nerf marksmen won't care about." _Bot lane:_ "Lane fights hurt more, but you won't get blown up as fast later on." "Less AD early, more late."
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