If I had one complaint about tanks right now, I'd complain about Doran's Shield

I used to think this item was fine because it served a certain niche. But with keystones, the damage that is done early, and the damage from ranged champions specifically, is incredibly difficult for melees to avoid. Melees can't really apply the usefulness of their keystones in range vs melee match-ups the way ranged champions can. So I would like to see Doran's shield be made to be better at dealing with ranged attacks specifically. This way, it doesn't impact melee vs melee interaction and if supports want to take it, fine. It just gets old when you don't pick something with hyper sustain and you get counter picked by{{champion:85}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:8}} and lose the lane automatically unless they massively fuck up or your jungler camps them because they can simply keep clicking on you from range and safely proc thunderlords or fervor, and to a lesser extent DFT and Grasp. EDIT: I don't want to have to play Irelia every game just to deal with these champions.
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