Quit building Essence Reaver on Blue Build Ezreal

Goddamn stop it. It's not doing anything for you. Why the fuck are you building this item? The crit? 20% crit, you can get that from IE and it increases the damage you put out with it. The CDR? Why? You already build Iceborn for 20% CDR and you build Ionian boots for 10%. Even if you built more goddamn crit, what would be the point? You'd literally be wasting money because you would go far over the maximum amount of CDR. Did you know that Youmuu's gives the same CDR while packing 20 points of armor pen? With a movement speed steroid to extend your safety net? Did you know you can even skip building Ionian boots and instead build Black Cleaver to get maximum CDR while also now being able to shred armor for your entire team? Wait, you're not building it for the _passive_, are you? Do you even fucking read patch notes? **You have to auto _and get a critical strike_ to recover mana with the passive**. When the _fuck_ are you auto-ing anyone? And even if you are, you have a low 20% chance to recover 3-fucking-% of your mana. Wow, talk about useful. And don't even try to justify the AD. You're kidding, right? The 65 AD that is outclassed by half the AD item loadout? You need more reason than that to build the item. **Why are people still building this item on a Blue Build Ezreal? It does fucking nothing for you that other items don't do far, far better. I am sick and tired of having to explain in the middle of a game why you are legitimately crippling not only yourself but your team by deliberately making choices that weaken your entire damage set. Fucking quit it.** End rant.
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