Why would i ever play Sona instead of Janna?

https://i.gyazo.com/186f6dee56c463b0b7fb4448ae1ebd58.png I control the power of life and death There is literally nothing that gives more pleasure than this as a support main. Nothing gives more fun than this You actually can save an ADC/ally. Q stops dashes, R stops dashes+ heal for like 500 without the big ap ratio. W slows for 3 seconds you actually can create plays, due to W bonus movement speed+passive giving movement speed to allies you can chase a target forever and then slow for 3 seconds+knock up You actually have a way to be different from other janna players The amount of dash cancel i made against leona/gragas/xin COMPLETLY CHANGED THE GAME, i'm like 50% of why we won the game. If i were Sona i would just have spammed Q/W/E like any other sona players and hope it's enough to win Not only this but you can use your R to knock someone through a wall which can again make you different from other janna players, if you do this and allies are behind the walls you can get a kill thanks to you YOU ARE ACTUALLY RELEVANT IN EARLY GAME I honestly don't know why someone would play Sona over Janna, Janna allows more skill expression and is way better at protecting/giving kills than Sona. PEOPLE ACTUALLY SAID THANKS, THEY ACKNOWLEDGED THAT I WAS ONE OF THE REASONS WE WON, seriously this will never happen with sona, but happens so much with janna I never had so much fun since Thresh Sincerly -gH
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