Wukong tier 5 jungle and top

Wukong, the mediocre barely meta ape. Was once a low tier top laner, then became a low tier jungler. Then was played 'rarely' in some professional games, in which he didn't carry too hard and was not consistent in further game. Gets nerfed Q immediately. Then a couple seasons later his ult gets nerfed(no pro scene conflict). Now he's at the bottom of the jungle and top tier lists. Like please compare wukongs game history to jarvan. Jarvan has always been more meta and has a bigger pro scene. Convert wukong's W scale to ad from ap at the least. Wukong's level 1 q has very low base damage, in the jungle early its only an auto attack reset that does 10damage/ small armor reduction---Jarvan still has better armor reduction and more damage in his q, let alone its projectile range/aoe effect... And wukong's ult, a lot of the times I cancel my wukong ult, like 2.5/4 of the way through and do e aa q combo followed by more aa's because that will do more damage than finishing of wukongs ult...….so maybe it should be considered to have wukongs ult duration lowered but still have the same full damage output. Need I compare to jarvan's ult? Also since hail of blades is a thing(and I like taking it on wukong), im thinking for the q fix to make wukongs q a set of 3 attacks that aa cancel(can still have the same total damage output as the current q's but set into 3 separate attacks. Besides the obv base damage buff needed on level 1 q...and enfore full armor reduction of first hit.--its only fair wukong gets full use of hail of blades-its the way of wuju---master yi making the q into 3 separate attacks will give those poor squishies that are always mentioned with wukong nerfs a little bit more wiggle room(unlike jarvan's e q r) *giggles in ape* Because I Know RIot loves to rework champs that I love, and I cry everytime. Please do it right. so yeah wukong can do a full quick trade by E AA Q AA Q AA Q AA W. Or just wombo with the classic E AA Q R(if R gets lowered duration with similar full damage output,) he can still finish of the other 2 Q attacks and continue proccing hail of blades. overall would be a balanced rework. Q not all damage at once separated into 3 attack, wiggle room for squishies. Ult duration lowered(keep max movespeed accerlation aswell)=less AOE uptime, more outplay potential for enemies . Q in 3 separate attacks when finished with e aa q r combo. you will still have 2 q procs left, after finishing those 2 attack after combo that's 1 Q. Instead of 2 full wukong Q's as it is now=less burst
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