Over the years of yasuo being in the game he has always been a problem in the game, but has never even seen any real changes, the champ is a huge problem in the game he's not fun to be in a team with and he's not fun to have as a enemy, yasuo players are mostly players trying to carry but are really bad or are gods that will ruin the fun out of the game because a good yasuo can use all of his unfair abilities. The champ is built upon unfairness because he can do mostly anything well. He can 1v1 you easily the obvious counter would be cc him, but if he's good he can block that with his W which is just... A terrible thing to play against you cant counter that or counter that well. Being basicaly a melee adc with higher damage and more CC is fine, if he would have a limit to how many dashes can he do. And the worst part of all of him is his 2 passives. The fact that he has 2 and both are really good is just unfair. But his double crit is just terrible he can get 100% crit and you already feel a disadvantage. And the cherry on the cake is his R why can't you cancel it? For what reason is it so good and why isnt it a dash. I would be nice if he couldnt go through a veigar E. This champ has been here for a long time and in that time you could of thought of some changes NOT nerfs but changes nerfs won't help the problem it will only make it weaker, but it will still be unfair. Yes the champ requires skill, but of how much you gain from the champ is too much. He can split push he can 1v1 he can teamfight he can 1v5. He has to either be really nerfed or he has to be changed because its not healthy for the game and the players. I just want to enjoy the game, but when i see a yasuo in either team i know all fun will be gone. So ty for reading this and please do something about him.
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