I have a problem with Music/SFX sounds in the new Draft Pick

I have the music disabled in the client,but i have the SFX enabled. And I still get the wind and cricket ambient music from the background. Are those sounds not falling under "Music"? I would want to listen just to the sounds that tell me that something has happened, just to notify me that I need to interact with the client or that a friend wants to interact with me, while I am listening to music or watching a video or read something on the internet. I know this is a small thing and I tried to ignore it, but it starts to bug me more and more; **So if possible I would like to be able to disable the ambient music while my client is in the state of "Finding Match". And also that "Tu-tu-tu-tu" sound while we are picking champions, that bugs me too, I would appreciate it if I could "off" that too **. While writing this I also noticed that i have "Disable menu animations" checked. I wonder what this does, because checked or un-checked everything seems to work the same; Draft pick has animations all over, The friends list have animations while they are toggled etc. http://i481.photobucket.com/albums/rr176/GarnetHuntress/animated-sound-waves.gif Sry for the bad English .
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