Season 9 ranked is not fun anymore

I don't know how many people have been feeling this, but I've started to dislike ranked so much with the introduction of positional rankings. I ended season 8 in gold 3 and now I'm at silver 4 struggling to climb because it has been matching me with low silver high bronze players when I was silver 1. I'm not sure if many players know but there is a huge skill gap between high silver and low silver. High silvers can at least cs decently have relatively decent mechanics, where low silvers have neither. I got super tilted when I realized I was 100+ games and still not out of silver and started losing games where now I am risking demoting to Bronze. Season 9 has been extremely rough for me (preseason was fine though) and I think I am ready to switch to another game or just play ARAMs if Riot does not fix this. I know the intention of positional rankings was to fix the autofill issue but there are players who intentionally try to play every role which creates a shortage of players near my elo so games become a lot less enjoyable and super hard to carry.
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