Help your jungler help you.

What the fuck is up with these laners today who won't fucking listen or help the jungler AT ALL? I have had every single game today be where the enemy jungler can do whatever the fuck he wants in my jungle, and no matter how many times I ping, no matter how many times I ask for warding assistance.. THEY WON'T MOVE. I don't fucking get it. Everyone of you kids wants to rage at the jungler "better jungle wins," "jungle didn't gank me," "enemy jungler ganked me 5 times," and the best excuse is "i had 3 minions at the tower." Here's an idea, help your jungler HELP YOU by allowing him to be successful. When your jungler is successful, it translates into more success for your team. Loosen up your fucking chinstraps people, unclick the seatbelt that you seem to have to wear to play League, and let's fucking go!

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