@Fearless: After giving the Sona rework some time to sink in . . .

Earlier when I expressed doubts about the Sona rework Fearless asked me to give it a couple of weeks. I tried to see the positives in this rework man, I really tried. First off, yes, I'm gonna cite statistics about post-rework Sona. Don't take my word for them, look for yourself http://www.lolking.net/champions/sona&region=all&map=sr&queue=1x1&league=diamond#statistics Here's my major take-away points about the rework: - After the dust has settled Sona's win % is significantly down from what it was before. Especially at higher-level play. - Every time a champion has a major change there's a massive spike in the amount of play that champions sees (as people test out the changes). In this case, however, the change-induced popularity died off *really* fast. To my mind this means that people tried out the rework and, in most cases, quickly decided they did not like new Sona. - Unless I've missed something (I may have, I don't follow esports very closely), Sona is still not seeing any play at all at a competitive level. On some slightly less objective notes: - New Sona is *even more* team dependent than old Sona was, and causes a lot of awkward/frustrating situations where the Sona player is sitting there going "we could be doing so much better if my ADC would just take *one* step closer to me!" This feels *terrible* for the Sona player--the outcome of most of his/her plays is more dependent on the skill of the rest of the team than on Sona's skill. - Some of Sona's skills are now really unclear/awkward on how to optimally use them: - Her heal/shield. A shield is generally best when put on early in an engagement (so it absorbs the max amount of damage) but her heal is clearly most beneficial when used late in an engagement (increased heal by missing hp %). But Sona always procs the heal *before* (or simultaneously) the shield. Thus you can never get the full benefit out of the skill. - Her speed boost. It seems like this would be good to use so you can "tag" others with auras more easily, but you can't easily use the other auras and the speed boost at the same time. Awkward. Changes I would suggest: - Buff her base move speed. This will make 'tagging' allies easier and generally make her less team-dependent. - Return at least some of her early damage. - I would be willing to give up the passive ability on her ult. It's a great skill without the passive. Right now she just feels like half a character pre-6. - Please, for the love of all that is cute and fuzzy, do NOT create 'tank Sona' Naturally not *everything* is bad, and not everyone dislikes it as much as I do. I'm still quite happy to see Sona's ult now has a graphic that actually matches the hitbox. I'm sure that if this topic generates discussion we'll see at least one person weighing in to say they like new Sona.

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