@RiotRepertoir Cassiopeia Feedback + a rework idea :3

DISCLAIMER : if you dont want to read all the bla bla just go at the bottom for my rework suggestion . Feedback from a dedicated cassio player , i will try to make it fast and not put useless argues that everyone know **1.What aspect is most core to her identity?** * Her twin fangs . This spell is core to her kit because its a reliant tool that can do what poison cant , it assurs all ins , kiting , proper executes and gives her sustained dmg ( even the old cassio could build spell vamp , it was not optimal but good . ) it also make {{champion:69}} unique * Her poison ( {{champion:6}} : thanks captain obvious ) . Well it fits totaly with her theme and make her gameplay even more unique .. but what makes cassio realy exiting to play is the duo poison + twin fangs , this combo is just {{champion:69}} . * Her spammy nature , yeah . Twin Fang spam (along with Noxious Blast spam) is iconic to Cassio when those abilities are spammed together she's one of the few mages in the game that can actually kite out and duel other champs that most mages struggle handling . Thats why cassio can be played top lane btw . * The ultimate is just perfect for her theme and gameplay + its by far the most charismatic spell in the game . **2.What issue bothers you the most when playing them?** * THE PASSIVE : I hate this passive in fact it was just an argument for her murdering during patch 4.16 : this passive : is responsible for her terrible powercurve , for her unique build path , for her delayed powerspike And this passive is just a bull of stats wich i think is a bad design . **I want a cass thats strong throughout the game .** * UNIQUE BUILD PATH : you MUST max e in first place and thats the thing i dislike the most when i play cassiopeia is that i have no choice i cant max q over e against certain matchup .. Also because of her passive and super low ratios you have to build only ap to be relevant . The old cassio could build cdr item and even a {{item:3068}} ( hard games only {{champion:79}} ) * TOO MUCH TWIN FANGS NOT ENOUGH POISON : lel I think you saw enough threads about that with all the possible argues @RiotRepertoir Ton of reasons for saying that twin fang centric sucks , i will make it shorter and just give you the opinion we see the less . * because its not enough mentioned : Her miasma is propably the worst part of her kit after her passive , its just useless. It used to be a zoning tool for sieging / and also in teamfights ( because it dealt decent dmgs ) i rly miss this aspect of cassi , people could ( currently ) stand in for the full duration without being worried . She cant control her own lane / objectives and siege , the push / depush is impossible with poison only : Win your lane or be useless sitting under tower for all the game . * MANA : She has mana issues. Her only form of mana sustain is killing a minion with an E. If she is not fighting near minions, and if she cannot afford to use an E to kill a minion, she is going to run out of mana ( even with a tear (wich is not full stacked ) ) . Its also the reason why cassiopeia got a restricted build , she needs a giant mana pool . * The ultimate : I dont have a real issue with this spell but it feels like the reward for stunning people is low . I say that because the spell has a " big " delay , a short range and the stun is rly not easy to hit against players with a brain / mobility champ. I dont want the quol to change because i dont want to cassio to become a {{champion:1}}/{{champion:54}} skill cap tier , but i feel like it should be more rewarding . ***** What is expected from this rework ? * ** * A better poison with new mechanics ( miasma) ** ** * Flexible build path , Being able to max q over e or e over q ** ** * Less dependance on Twin fangs .** ** * A new passive ** ** * the ultimate should feel more cohesive to the rest of the kit and rewarding ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ REWORK : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Passive : The serpent embrace . Casting a spell causes any subsequent spellcasts within 5 seconds to cost 10% less mana and grants 2% spell vamp . stacking up to 5 times Cassiopeias poison deals more damage up to 20% to low champions healt and applies grievous wounds . Sry but i had no idea about a passive that fits with her identity and solve her issues . Only the old one can do it .. Q- Noxious Blast : almost unchanged Base dmg : 75 / 115 / 155 / 195 / 235 % AP ratios : 50 / 60 / 65 / 70 mouv speed boost : 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 Well i wanted to make it scale so its worth to maxe it first , and i didnt want to make her super lane bully . Mana costs may be looked at . W- Miasma. Its 2 in 1 with an activation you will understand . Cassiopeia throws a puddle of poison at a location which expands over 7 seconds , the puddle expands faster depending on how much champs are standing in it and it applies a small poison with a special effect . (1) deals 25/35/45/55/65 + 15 % ap it also applies mental paralyze wich slow the move speed and couldowns of the enemys ( not sure about that one ) for 25/ 30/ 35/ 40/45% second activation , Poison Cloud : Cassio have to go near to the puddle then she smash the ground with her tail ( you gotta aim a location , it has a long range) making her poisson to go in the air and take the form of a cloud wich is a lot bigger than the puddle at max potential but deals less dmg . The cloud applies a poison . (2) The poison deals 10/15/25/30/35 + 10 % ap , and it applies a blind . like the blind of graves or quinn wich Reduce vision E- Twin fangs : stays the same with less frequency but better base dmg . 50 / 85 / 120 / 155 / 190 + 55% ap ratio . Interactions with poisons : Q : poison dmg increased W (2 ) : hiting 2 twin fangs at least will root the target for x duration , this effect has a couldown If the enemy is poisoned by both poison , Noxious blast got the priority . The spell goes on couldown when it hits a target . + the travel time of twin fangs is a little bit longer . This is exactly how was her old e ( wich was balanced ) , if riot is going to nerf her frequency ( wich will happen ) i wish they use this quol change instead of a direct number nerf . **** R- Petrifying Gaze added a pasive ACTIVE: After a brief delay, Cassiopeia blasts enemies in a cone , dealing magic damage and Slow them by 60% for 2 seconds. Enemies facing her directly are instead for the same duration. deals 150 / 250 / 350 + 60 % ap Passive: Cassiopeia's curse : applies a litlle poison to stunned targets , the poison shreds 10 / 20 / 40 % Armor and Magic resist for the duration of the poison ( 2 sec , same as the stun ) . If the target dies during the poison duration , it will leave a litlle cloud of cassiopeia's curse at this location . Thanks for reading and please give me your feedback :D :* http://imgur.com/ohTjyYZ
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