[Game Design] @Meddler What's Riot's Stance on CDR?

I'm perplexed... 1. In pre-season, when Essence Reaver was released, lots of mage players complained that ADC had better access to CDR than mages. Reds answered that ADCs were allowed that because they didn't scale so much with CDR, but Mages who would scale harder should have to make a choice, a trade-off between high utility up-time (with CDR) or high damage burst (with AP). 2. In mid-season, two seemingly contradictory changes were made: * 3 new AP-items with CDR were introduced, it's now much easier to get CDR on mages ==> they shouldn't have to make a trade-off anymore? * Athene's was changed into a utility item and was allowed to keep its mana regen, "because mages who go for utility instead a damage are allowed to have more up-time" ==> so the trade-off is still in effect? So the question is: **What does Riot currently think about CDR? When and why full-CDR builds should be available? On what classes of champs? Are they happy with the current CDR itemization?** Thanks :)
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