ARURF custom games disabled due to bug

Heya guys, During ARURF's run on PBE, we discovered a bug that made the creation of bugged custom games possible (EG: non-ARURF). We investigated and have been trying to fix it, but unfortunately weren't able to in time for this weekend. **Rather than blocking the release of ARURF completely (and swap in a backup mode) we've decided to still release it, but just disable custom games.** I'm super sad that we couldn't get this fixed in time. :( I know a lot of streamers, youtubers, etc like to use custom games to play with subscribers. Our diligent PBE testers found it pretty early and let us know, but it's a complex enough bug that we couldn't fix it in time. We even discussed just leaving the bug in there, but the whole point of this weekend's RGM mode is for us to try out ARURF and give it a fair chance to succeed. I'm pretty confident that _if_ ARURF ever comes around again, we'll have more than enough time to fix this bug. The mode will go live with the usual RGM timings for whichever country you might be in (usually around lunchtime Friday). See you guys in there on NA!
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