So why is stopwatch getting nerfed while also affecting Zhonya?

To be honest, I'm just here wondering how this is even worth nerfing and with pretty much the wrong reasons that I see every day. > "It's broken!" First off, it's not broken if it works as intended. Broken means it's a bug. Pick a proper word for it. While I understand the meaning behind it, then revive, teleporting, healing, are also broken. > "It's toxic" How? > "My combos get ruined!" Well boo hoo. Ever heard of something called a counter? Or is that toxic too and want an easy walk at the park? > "It's 1 click of a button." EVERYTHING IS AT A CLICK OF A BUTTON. The only difference you're is how many and at what order. With how the change is going to be, this one is not good. 120 seconds reduced per kill? This will be used even more and make a clown fiesta into a pennywise fiesta. This will just be a cheap version of league of stopwatch. And since Zhonya will be like 15% longer to use, defensive items will be even more lacking especially for mage items let alone the immobile. At least nerf damage on everything. The 1 shot fiestas make stopwatch even worthless anyway.
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