Sett's W has a way too wide hitbox and far too short cooldown for what it does

This spell is comparable to Fiora's riposte, except it's practically impossible to sidestep and deals stacked Darius ult levels of damage. It can't be this accessible when it's also this easy to land. And why is his absurd health regeneration available at all times? The only similar champion is Mundo and his health regen is far weaker early game. Sett's passive should either be available in combat or out of it - not at all times. There's no interaction to the lane as he has the same strengths as Renekton with one third of his cooldowns. He can't then ALSO have health regeneration to fall back on that his lane opponent can't do ANYTHING against. This is the same reason Aatrox's old W was unacceptable.
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