A plea to Riot concerning My take on Faker's thoughts on the Meta, Que Times, and Match Quality.

I'm sorry, but i just don't know what to do about this game anymore. Every match ends before 20 minutes in every facet except the actual nexus exploding. The entire meta is centered around ridiculous cheese picks that are built to one shot people at level 2. What's more is that there is literally no counter play to this ridiculous overloaded meta where everyone one shots. Every game seems to be people slam their buttons at eachother and someone wins. Most of the macro has been nullified and much of the intellectual gap between good and bad players is being drastically eroded. It's sickening to watch this game cater to a casual audience that just wants to play battle royale games in-between cod death matches. What's more this meta is entirely ridiculous, nigh completely unenjoyable, and I feel like no one even has a solid impact on the game except the bruisers on each team. You can't scale because of how snowbally the game is. You can't try to play anything that is unable to one shot someone early. You can't even play half of the utility picks at any role. You guys are going around singing the praises of this new "Diversity" that the game has but that literally could not be anything further than the truth. You killed every single champion that takes more than 1 item to come online. In some rare cases champions get to 2 items even. But for the most part you single handedly created the most restrictive and most ridiculous meta that this game has ever experienced. It may have a slight bit of novelty to it that some people enjoy. However, I give it another week to two weeks and most everyone is going to be tired of Irelia running around and one shotting everyone who tried to pick anything that they used to enjoy, and god help them if they want to jungle anything squishy into a Xin or Taliyah. I don't know how to say this other than I'm just gonna take a long break from all of this. I'll certainly be back when you guys fix the game, but I literally just can not do this. You ruined so much about the game in 3-4 patches and it just isn't enjoyable anymore. It really hurts me to say this. I've played the game for about 5 years now. But I just can't do it. I'm tired of change for the sake of change and a matchmaking system that only ever seems to deteriorate in quality while games get worse and worse all in the name of shortening que times. It's sickening when thoughts like these are echoed by Faker, literally your best professional player. A man who is a hallmark of your entire game and has a very strong understanding of its health. Yet you just keep moving along like you don't care and no one is watching. It's hard to believe, but you guys really demoralized one of your most loyal and passionate fans. If anything, my passion is proven by the fact that I will come back into this nigh abusive relationship if the game is fixed with no guarantee the same issue won't arise later. However, that's just how much I love this game. I think that's something anyone who's but legitimate time into being competitive at this game shares. Cater to the people who always want to be in your corner riot, or else we won't be able to find it in ourselves to be there that much longer. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}

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