Can we please get each person on the team into their best roles, matchmaker?

I've been using a website that quickly tells which players are in their main roles, and which roles they main. And I can't tell you how many times we have a TOP main, and a Jungle main, and a Mid main, and a ADC main, and a support main.... but... The top gets support, the support gets mid, the mid gets adc, and the adc gets jungle, or some other equally stupid screw up. Can someone at Riot please spend a whole five minutes to check to see if there is even a single line of code in the match maker, where it even makes even the smallest attempt to help guide itself away from completely screwy role assignments? One could argue that perhaps all the players on the team decided to select roles they suck at, and the match maker simply gave them the roles they asked for. But even in that unlikely case, I'd personally prefer to win, and if that means everyone on the team gets autofilled into their best roles, even if their best roles isn't what they asked for, then so be it.
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