See guys? Aatrox is already being nerfed. So much for him being weak.

All you day 1 specialists saying he is underpowered as hell, weak this, weak that, without even waiting a single DAY[.]( PBE: Base HP lowered from 610 to 580 The Darkin Blade (Q) First hit damage lowered from 20/35/50/65/80 to 10/25/40/55/70 Minion damage lowered from [65% - 100%] to [50% to 100%] World Ender (R) cooldown increased from 140/130/120 to 160/140/120 AD increased from 20% at all ranks to 20/25/30% "Q slot is frozen on revive (maintains current Q progression)" ------------ Tell me more about how you can predict a champion's strenghts in Day 1 Boards, you think youd learn after the recent champs {{champion:145}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:516}} , but clearly not. ---------------- **Edit**: Aatrox currently sitting at a 100% p/B rate on competitive this patch. Love how right i was. All day 1 specialists proven to not understand squat about balance.
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