Why are we nerfing Kled?

Tucked away in the PBE patch was something very alarming to me. It was a nerf. A nerf to our beloved Cantankerous Cavalier. Now this confused me, I've heard literally nothing about Kled being too strong or overbearing in the slightest, if anything it's the opposite with his winrate erring around a decent 48%. For those wondering said nerf is: Violent Tendencies 4th hit bonus damage lowered to 3/3.5/4/4.5/5% max HP from 4/5/6/7/8% max HP. So a rank 5 W is now the strength of a rank 2 W. To make matters worse Fervor of Battle is getting the nerf it has long since deserved, but Kled happens to rely quite heavily on Fervor due to his ability to quickly stack it up and rack up AAs while waiting for his next rotation, meaning that Kled will be in quite an awkward position if these changes go through. TL;DR: People complained about ranged champions being cancer to lane against as melee so Riot decided to nerf Kled.
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