@Riot Aatrox lines in regards to revive removal

{{champion:266}} So now that the new iteration of aatrox in PBE removes the revive, this also means that the very cool lines that triggered during his revive such as "I AM DARKIN, I DO NOT DIE" would be gone. Can we recycle those lines into a different area of aatrox such as his respawn at fountain or ult reset Riot? Some of those lines are very dynamic and bring a lot of his character to life. It would be great to keep those lines somewhere else since they had a lot of meaning and strength to them so it would be a shame to completely remove them from the game. Edit: I see the posts that the lines would be recycled to zilean ult and GA. I think it would be a good idea to impliment the lines when he gets an ult reset and respawning at platform as well so it isn't so reliant on getting an item or having a certain champion that has a revive in its kit so the lines can be heard more often. Because if it is only implimented with GA and zilean etc revives, the lines will rarely be heard unless you force yourself to build the item or luckily have zilean on your team. Rhaast has lines specifically geared to when he respawns at platform so it would be a great idea to recycle the revive lines to Aatrox's respawn which is much more reliable in triggering the lines.
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