What would you do? (Mordekaiser Edition)

(For this Post, I chose Mordekaiser {{champion:82}} since Many people would love to see him get an Update someday soon, myself included) I remember a few weeks ago someone asked "What would you do if you worked for Riot for one day", I answered that I would love to work with the Design teams that work on Visual/Gameplay Updates. I thought of an interesting Idea with the Boards & I wanted to ask People what they thought of their favorite champion. Specifically, The questions I pose are as follows: "If you were in-charge of Mordekaiser's VGU, what would you guys change/fix about the Master of Metal?" "What defines Mordekaiser? What makes Mordekaiser, well... Mordekaiser?" "How would you guys go about it? Would he get an Updated Kit similar to Warwick/Eve or a fullblown Redux like Swain/Galio?"
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