Am I the only one that thinks Akali is weak right now?

She is probably one of the hardest champions to play at a decent level. Unlike other assassins that just one shot, she cannot really do that. I mean her passive damage needs to be strong because she has to play a get out of the circle minigame with herself. Her Q can only be used two times for waveclear before she loses all her energy unless she manages to use her passive procs. She can’t even utilize full benefit from Gunblade because her Q is AOE. Her W can easily be walked away from as she wastes the duration, also it has quite a long cooldown with the cooldown starting after the W has ended. It is quite easy just to walk away from it. I think Akali’s W is the main problem and complaint about Akali from majority of players? Her E basically has non existent damage and is only used as an escape and repositioning. The only nerf I would do to her E is stop it being a global dash and make it have range limit similar to Lee Sin Q. For an assassin, her R probably has one of the longest cooldowns in the entire game. A 160 second cooldown ultimate for an assassin? Half the players I see don’t even use Akali’s ultimate for the damage, they only use it as a form of gap closer or escape. 160 seconds for two dashes, how is this broken at all? Yes if the ultimate is used for damage then it is pretty strong. But at the same time Akali’s R is weak because it takes 2.5 seconds to use R2, which in my opinion it should be instant because assassin champion.
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