Remember when League was fun?

When {{champion:41}} was a troll but funny character. Or when {{champion:14}} was the ultimate counterpick to {{champion:7}} Or when the main issue was centered more along truly "broken" champions like {{champion:38}} that was simply permabanned while balance, for the most part, was decent, rather than having a select small number of viable champions worth playing because mechanics mean jack shit now? Why play a marksman that requires more careful positioning like {{champion:67}} when you can play {{champion:96}} who scales much faster and is just as powerful if not better considering how safe and easy he is to play mid-late game? Or when tanks were a necessary part of the game in order to siege towers or grab objectives like Dragon/Baron whereas now, a juggernaut/bruiser can almost solo the goddamn Rift Herald and dive towers safely post level 6? Or before champions like {{champion:3}} were given a complete package of burst damage, shields, hard cc, tankiness, and a massive ult range? I can't even get near him unless like 2 of my teammates hold him down. Back then, worst case scenario they'd zone you and buy team for Their team to fight without your damage input, without having the capability to practically assassinate you at virtually any stage of the game. Or when turtling from a gold deficit was a lot more viable and you didn't have teammates who'd play hypercarries and call gg for being 0-2 in only 12 minutes? (kidding; that's always happened, unfortunately.) There's hardly much strategy left in the game when the meta strictly calls for demolishing the enemy bot lane with 3-4 people before 10 minutes, grabbing first tower, and snowballing from there. It's a game of how many shields a team can stack to prevent their carries from getting nuked by a {{champion:59}} with {{item:3147}} in 2 seconds; it is INCREDIBLY rare, playing at high gold and low diamond mmrs, to see an ADC burst anything, other than maybe the support. Maybe people forgot about Deathfire Grasp, but THAT'S what burst looked like back in my day. Tank meta was cancerous, but I'd prefer that patch over the current state of the game any day. Wake me up when Rift is great again. I'll stick to Treeline -- what League Should've been.
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