Two weeks after release Yuumi's win rate has climbed to 42%

This is just from people picking up her kit. I think we still need to give people more time to learn her. I see people bringing exhaust flash on her which dramatically lowers her win rate. I personally have only lost games with Yuumi support as ADC because Yuumi afk'd or just sucked at knowing who to be on during a fight. The good Yuumis have basically made it so whatever ADC I play wrecks anyone because you always go in with a lead as long as you play around her Q and ult as well as keep in mind that you are the focus of the fight in most even fights. I just remember that Yuumi is strong and let her soften them up and play either poke or reactive until we get the opening as most hook supports fail if you just don't get hooked and a hook death = double kill with Yuumi so you just have to play that much safer. If you have an ADC that is meant to go in Yuumi is one of the best supports in the game right now in the right hands. You just have to wait until your opening comes.
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