I won 2 out of promo games but

Yes so I managed to promote myself after winning 2 out of 3. But for that one loss I took within the process. I do not get how on earth this game was even made by a algorithm. Game time was 22 mins in total. I have a unranked ADC which has 40 CS. I repeat. 40CS in a 22 min game. which is 2/10/6 against a Draven who averages 12 kills per game and went 18/5/4 with 198 CS. My toplaner goes garen against Yorick and is 1/5/2. And my jungler is 35% winrate for the whole season. My performance, well I barely kicked out my hard counter (Irelia mid) out of the lane. And hardly even. I supposed this "barely winning" is the best balance for matchmaking. Why does this happen? Well, the enemy duo was teamed with 4 tiers discrepancy which made the math in the algorithm go apeshit. Thus made the conclusion to invite a total unranked ADC that has 1.8 cs per min into my promos. By the way, this persons ranked winrate is 17%. You have a solution here. 1. Make duos team up with less ranked tier discrepancy. 2. Make unranked players join teams which start from the bottom. Not the top. 3. Change the algorithm into close games. Not 50% coinflip stomp that nobody has agency. Especially no.3. NOBODY in this game had agency. Even the Draven was fed not because he played well, because his enemy force feeds him without a effort like foie gras over and over. The Draven had no choice but to be fed. Nobody had any authority.

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