@RiotRepetoir, I am quite disappointed. Riot just had to buff a perfectly fine champion!

Dear Riot, I am quite disappointed with the fact that you just had to buff Kai'Sa. She's only been available for 2 weeks, which is not long enough of a timespan to gather sufficient data, especially with a new champion people don't know how to play yet and don't know how to play against yet. Riot, please make sure that if Kai'Sa proves to be overpowered and/or toxic, that you'll just simply revert every buff she gets in 8.6. Riot has made the same mistake before, please don't gut Kai'Sa in the places where she shouldn't be gutted. This is the first new champion in years I actually enjoy playing, the last one being the reworked Fiora, which is why I am rather concerned about her future state. What exactly was the balance team's train of thought regarding Kai'Sa? To me, she felt perfectly fine after the hotfix. Sincerely, Primeval Void
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