Being a solo player with a 4-man premade is the most garbage experience.

As the title suggests, being the only solo player in a 4-man premade team is the most garbage experience I have ever had while playing league. I queue up for ranked to have fun, and then I'm hit with 4 players calling me "trash", "troll", "kys", "report for trash", "get cancer", "die", "uninstall", "your family is retarded", "go afk", "you're probably a retard", "how'd you get out of the mental hospital", "go fall off a building", "report for troll", "F*cker", "idiot", "you play like sh*t", "you're an a*s", "I hope riot guts your account". 4 FREAKING PLAYERS! Not only that, during all this they are spamming in all-chat to the other team that I deserve to get cancer and rot in hell. CAN PREMADES NOT BE ALLOWED ANYMORE. I'VE BEEN TOLD TO KILL MYSELF LIKE AT LEAST 20 TIMES TONIGHT. It started right as I got into the queue. First thing I heard was "hey noob". and it went downhill from there. I tried to get a quick lvl 2 by taking a camp, but all of them flamed me and told the enemy team that I was a troll. I said it was a "viable strategy" but they just told me to "kys". After 30 minutes of enduring it all I finally broke and said, "Gtfo of ranked you f*ckers! I don't deserve this and you all are the worst people I have ever seen!" "You take your premade and you can all go die for all I care!" I got my chat-ban because 7 people reported me that game. But it was well worth in my head. Can we just get rid of premades. It makes people snap.
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