Where is the real urf and not the arurf

when I played urf for the first time it was amazing you could do things you normally couldn’t you could. Think of things that normal not work and so on that was the urf I was in love with. But those things we thought of came mostly out the fact we could play the champions we love. So we came up with the weirdest ideas and the funniest ones too. I am probably not the only one that thinks that way but there are also a lot of summoners that hate it. Because we saw the most time the same champions so I can understand why league make the arurf. But it challenged us too to overcome this obstacle and think of weirdest ways or most button smashing that could kill your opponent. That is wat I or we liked of the old urf where you could play the champion you love. And that it not depends on which champions your team get that you could win or not. But wat league does to just set the summoners aside that like it it’s kind of sad. That they just would ignore a part of the community of league. And I really hope that it will come back one day.
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