Good bye to my dear Wukong, at least for now

I have been one tricking him since Season 5. I always hated that Wukong was never mentioned in patch notes. It felt stale. Recently the buffs he received before the E nerf felt like Christmas finally came after 4 years. He was very strong although the lane phase was still pretty harsh in most games, but I always had a very strong mid game to look forward to. That is what kept me sane. However, I don't think he is very good anymore. I just can't see myself playing in lane vs {{champion:122}} , doing a full combo and dealing 20% less damage now because of the E and Q nerf, plus the nerf to runes. I am sure Darius would over heal with his Q, especially once he gets some armor. Wukong will be even more useless against tanks. His passive is still shit in lane, and any 1v1 or even 2v2 scenario. His late game won't be blowing up squishies anymore, especially not with items like {{item:3157}} or {{item:3026}} plus all of the shields and heals. He is basically not a good assassin at all anymore. I am going to move on to other champions that I always liked such as {{champion:33}} whom actually got a buff, and {{champion:111}} whom might be viable again. I used to love playing him top and support! I also recently played {{champion:32}} jungle for the first time which was fun, and he also got a buff. I guess I will be making the transition from a top main to a jungle main now, hopefully I can still continue to climb! EDIT time to change my ign! lol
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