I'm going to destroy the ENTIRE board with a single thread

Disclaimer: i'm not a yasuo main in any way, i didn't play yasuo since at least 2 years, hell even more a desperate attempt of ad hominem is pointless See i reached the maximum level of what i can bear about the ignorance of board with this thread that reached 400 upvotes just by asking people to permaban yasuo So i'm going to say it straight in one way and not dance around the subject **you ban yasuo because you suck** Yasuo is never banned in high elo, you can watch any stream and see if yasuo is banned., he may be op even in high elo but he's not more broken than {{champion:427}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:64}} . "stfu, i don't ban yasuo because he's broken, but because he's unfun to play again" just fuck off, this entire sentence does not make any sense at least 80% of this champion roster is unfun to play against, no one is going to help you to destroy the nexus except your entire team and yourself **you don't ban yasuo because he's unfun, you ban yasuo because you just don't know how to deal with him and then instead of trying to find out a way you ban him and call him unfun because you refuse to learn the game** you think that the game will adapt to you, that everything will change depending on how you like it or not tell me that i'm wrong ROFL, tell me that i'm wrong when one thousand billion thread of "why yasuo has this, why yasuo has that" pop every fcking minute to farm upvotes? so yeah sit here a second, i'm going to teach you a lesson of league of legends featuring why yasuo has this, why yasuo has that here it comes "but professor Rubick, why yasuo has double crit passive?" see little child, yasuo is what we call A CARRY every carry in this game has something called a bloody steroid to deal damage and do wha they're supposed to do if your carry has no steroid then he sucks (old {{champion:22}} ) yasuo steroid is his double crit in exchange of losing crit damage (yes it's a thing!) if you were to remove his steroid you would have to buff EVERY SINGLE OF HIS DAMAGE, and then what do we got boys? what do we get? a bruiser! not caring to buy a single stat of a carry and just rush full bruiser items "what about his passive shield" see in league, the creators of this game did not want to give you clunky mechanics to help melee champions that are inhertly weaker due to going in melee. turn rates in league we're free of turn rates, we can turn instantly and kite everyone, additionally few champions have visible cast times either they cast spells instantly or most of them have a generic 0.25 sec cast time. **but this has a price** remember what melee carry was viable before yasuo? that's right, NO ONE. because they had dota2 lvl of kit except pre-rework {{champion:24}} (straight forward with little amount of power in kit) and then sucked because there was no reasons to pick them over ranged champions then yasuo came, and had everything to work his passive shield, his mobility (both base MS and dash) are here to make him work without blowing up because he has to comit into 100 range to do damage beside, certainlyt already said that his shield has a drawback Yasuo's base stats were trashed as a compensation to give him a window of power that is his shield he doesn't have mr/lvl, he has a freaking 500+80 hp/lvl when yi has 600+92 hp /lvl and it's not only yasuo {{champion:24}} has dodge, bonus armor/mr {{champion:114}} has tons of healing due to building lifesteal+passive+ult, has also her W which is a fuck you to everything including CC {{champion:41}} gets a free cleanse+healing on low cd once he stacks CDR, the champion is also naturally half ranged half melee {{champion:23}} cannot die for 5 sec and has a heal "why does yasuo have armor pen on his ult?" because he doesn't have true damage if we take in account updated melee carry that received a rework, you will notice that they have: true damage armor pen %hp damage some of them have mixt of those {{champion:41}} true damage, armor pen {{champion:114}} true damge, %hp damage {{champion:11}} true damage, %hp damage with {{item:3153}} that he builds way more often than yasuo and can use better with passive melee carry needs anti-tank steroids to not build {{item:3035}} because if they do, they're going to be insanely squishy the only one that builds it is {{champion:41}} because he doesn't give a fuck about tankiness when he fights half of the time from range "hm... what about his utility like windwall?why does he have it?" http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/dev-blog-making-yasuos-wind-wall explained very well through logic by CertainlyT "what's the counterplay to windwall" what's the counterplay to {{champion:23}} ult? what's the counterplay to {{champion:114}} W? what's the counterplay to {{champion:41}} oranges? **YOU PLAY AROUND IT** that's the counterplay last time i checked windwall doesn't stun you, doesn't force you to attack and doesn't have 0 sec cd and lasts for 1500 year "why does he gain more power with attack speed than other champions?" because he gains less power than other champions with CDR you have the choise, either his Q cd is reduced by attack speed, or his Q cd is 5/4/3/2/1 second to not prevent him from doing his job INCLUDING, that it can be reduced by CDR, which means it's going to be even less with CDR and windwall huge cd is going to be reduced because yes this **change was made to prevent yasuo from stacking CDR** if he stacks cdr then windwall cd will be decreased, then balancing Yasuo utility and damage will become a nightmare yasuo is going to build {{item:3071}} provide even more utility to him team, and god knows what next. to prevent this, yasuo Q and E are independant from CDR and only dependant from a stat that yasuo is sure to buy everytime which is attack speed "but his early game is too strong for his late game" first his late game is worse than any melee carry because of Crit penality damage, and you can check his win rate over duration for this and compare it to riven or other shit if i remember well trynd and yi go to 60% win rate in late game when yasuo is like 54% second yasuo early game **is garbage** yes you heard it right Yasuo early game past lvl 2 becomes the early game of a typical carry He's going to survive because he has tools to survive like any melee carry (gp fiora trynd vayne jinx anyone) But he's going to be absolutly demolished by any bruiser in an all in Yasuo is only strong at lvl 1 or 2, because he gets his powerspike earlier power budget wise because W is an utility spell and is useless in 1v1, and because he's manaless and has low cd spells (4 sec). On the COMPLETE OPPOSITE {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:266}} and 90% of the toplane roster needs lvl 3 to work, they need 3 abilities **to have 100% of their 1v1 unlocked** and thus, irelia for instance will destroy the shit out of yasuo in 1v1 Irelia between lvl 3 and lvl 4 **doubles her true damage from 15 to 30 damage per hit which is a total of 150 true damage (Q applies it) with 5 hits** meanwhile yasuo cannot and will never be able to deal as much damage, while having worse base stats (i think irelia has like 600 base hp and 62 base ad) _**Moral of this entire freaking story**_ Yasuo in any way is not broken, you tell yourself that you don't find yasuo broken but if 50 threads of yasuo are upvoted and reach hot page everyday i think this means that you find him broken. He's not and you're just incompetent. I do NOT BLAME YOU FOR BEING INCOMPETENT AGAINST YASUO, however i'm disgusted by your attitude of not wanting to learn the game. the game is challenging and has many depths to find, and you just refuse to search any way to deal with him and just want to ban him you can ban him i don't care, but from now we're going to do one thing and you will all stop posting one yasuo thread per minute because this is starting to make board as boring as vampire diaries _**i made this thread while losing my faith into curiosity of people and was disgusted by their laziness you can downvote me, you can mark me as your enemy, but i don't care of how many enemies i have**_ _**Rubick**_ http://dailyfrenchquote.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/French-Quote-254makeenemies-clemenceau2.jpg
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