I feel like league becomes more and more of a coin flip game

Ive been playing League since october 2015 and hit plat 4 (highest ive ever been) couple of months ago and been playing ever since. And tbh, ive had so many bad experiences in this elo. It becomes harder and harder to solo carry a game (to the point where it becomes impossible) since people make less mistakes and late game 1v5 is almost impossible imo. Some poeple are arrogant af, prefer inting over actually paying attention to your adive, prefer loosing over playing the tower hug game. Ive lost the past 10 games or so because some player on my team makes an insanely bad desicion/feeds/troll/afks whatever. -Udyr min 45 going solo baron, dies, enemy steals, and game over -Teemo top, doing nothing all game, blaming team afterwards -Sivir having no idea about what she does, bad decision making while enemy Jhin is just popping off. (Luck on who gets the better adc) I can sit here all day giving you examples about what has happend to me. I can win my lane hard, go 5/0, get inhib minute 18, and still loose the game because my team decides to throw hardcore. ( yes, ive had that too) Thats why I feel like league is becoming more and more like a coin flip. You either get the inter, or you dont. I dont think ive had any games recently without a super bad player. Either a 0/13 Kindred on enemy team. or Same kindred on my team. It doesnt matter. It doesnt matter how hard you win your lane. It all depends on whose bot lane (mostly bot ,ive noticed, carries hard since adc is just op in late) is better. I play mid champs like Zed, Ekko, Yasuo and sometimes Veiger. I feel like im becoming pretty good on my champs on my role but it really doesnt matter. I jsut cant continue playing league when I know its a coinflip wether I win or loose I know that this is like the most cliche thing you can say, but yes. My teams really loose my games. Not all of them obv. Ive had games every now and then too where I just loose my lane and rely on my team carrying me.. But id say 85%+ of the games I win my lane or give other lanes an adventage. What is your trick guys to not get tilted while playing this game.. I just cant stand it anylonger
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