Stop the bullshit false informations about Akali seriously, you can think it's a bad rework you can dislike it BUT STOP SAYING FALSE ** TO EVERYBODY FOR THEM TO JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON akali's shroud: -does not make her immune to tower damage, everytime she damages you inside tower range she gets tower damage, she resets tower aggro it's true but still gets the tower damage debuff that lasts for like 5 seconds (yes it lasts for 5 seconds proof:) additionally she gets to be **invisble** not **invincible like fizz E** so she gets full damage of the tower shot -does not make her invisible within tower range, that's false you can still see her and dodge her skillshots thanks to her position knowledge overall, it only makes her able to avoid point and click damage, and drop turret aggro WHICH IS NOT NEW {{champion:60}} can do it as well, both akali W and elise E in spider form have a long cd and can drop ttower aggro jesus
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