Few things about Illaoi (6.9 opinions, Recently noticed damage reduction, Skins ideas?)

I'm an unranked Illaoi main with 121 games with Illaoi alone and a 63% win ratio. ------------------------------------------- First thing first, i would like to see what people think about the potential 6.9 changes to Illaoi's E. I will quote @Meddler below from surrenderat20 http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/04/red-post-collection-riot-pls-on-sandbox.html#more **"Hopefully in 6.9. What we're currently considering: _Tentacles no longer appear in FoW for enemies Vessel duration cut dramatically (been testing values in the 10-15s range, down from 60s) Vessel state spawns nearby tentacles much faster 3-5s instead of 10s) Tentacles can spawn closer to each other if spawning from vessels I suspect we'll then need to do some follow up balance changes depending on the power impact of the above (or something like it). First thing though is getting an improved structure in place, in terms of how the Vessel state works._"** **Meddler continued:** **"_Oh, couple of other things I missed, apologies: Killing tentacles no longer allows you to clear the Vessel debuff Tentacles are no longer prevented from spawning if the vessel is recalling_"** **On the vessel duration, he also added:** **"Quote: _It's not a nerf. The vessel debuff spawns more tentacles over a shorter period of time. A 3s spawn timer means the enemy basically can never stop moving and recalling during the period is impossible. It might be a nerf, we'll need to look at the power impact after the changes go out and follow up with buffs/nerfs as needed. Big thing for us is getting the mechanics to the right spot, then we can adjust damage etc where appropriate._"** ---------------------------------------------------------- Personally i enjoy the thoughts on how its being changed. 60s was sometimes too long if the player wasn't able to kill any tentacles or if i was able to refresh it. Illaoi has a lack of "traditional crowd control" as many people know and her E does a strong but short decaying slow when broken. With the proposed changes, it would give her the ability to "crowd control" more strongly but for a shorter duration (if you know what i mean?). and the addition of closer tentacle spawning from vessels is really nice and helps enable this. And tentacles no longer appearing in FoW for enemies. THANK YOU FINALLY. ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- Now onto subject number two. It was recently brought up on the Illaoi Wiki that they noticed a damage reduction for overlapping tentacles. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Illaoi?cb=6767 a fellow wiki user did a test and posted results here https://www.reddit.com/r/Illaoi/comments/4esrt9/found_a_post_claiming_multiple_tentacles_do/d231gjx And i did another test earlier and received the same damage reduction on overlapping tentacles (includes active tentacles and Q) I searched around, there is no tool tip in game, the wiki edits have not mentioned it, and the champion spotlight video didn't mention anything. **Is this a bug or was this intended and why is it _NOT_ mentioned anywhere i looked.** --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- I know skins dont get released on "set schedules" but i would love to get another Illaoi skin. Project (with holographic tentacles) Full Metal (with armored tentacles) Galactic (with robotic tentacles) Any other skin ideas?
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