Let's make a generalist enchanter. Or at least make the enchanter class better.

So to start off i know {{champion:37}} fills this role, but what i want is theory crafting for a champion (can even be her) that does this role BUT does it without "invisible" power. So board i put the challenge to you, how do you make a champion the embodiment of "enhancer" but make their power interactive, clear to all players, neither over or under powered (team comp not withstanding), AND not a one skill wonder. I'm posting this here instead of on Concepts and creations, because i think we may soon get a enchanter update (next year or two), and as it stands the class is kind of lack luster. Most of the champions in the role have one ability that puts them there; {{champion:40}} shield/ damage boost + maybe her passive speed boost,{{champion:267}} damage boost + slow (maybe her passive), {{champion:117}} is in a decent spot, with multiple abilities that have enchantment bonuses to allies, while still have effects against opponents. Then we get to {{champion:37}} , the champion who is ALL enhancements, yet they all feel really lacking as such.
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