Can We Stop Acting Shocked

Can We as a community, stop acting shocked, when we let our laners function as second junglers, that our team loses? Im so sick of getting crap because after 9 pantheon ult and TP plays in four minutes (HYPERBOLE), my kda isn't great. Four people have the ability to turret dive at a very early stage in the game and this doesn't go away. They don't even need minions if they do it right. So when you notice that your lane is bot lane -AGAIN-, do not flame bot laning for dying because you can't control your laner. There are wards. Wards do not stop turret dives. You, doing literally anything besides sit mid or top with your thumb so far up your rear end you're giving dinner a handshake, is going to be the -only- thing that saves them. "Omg, this bot lane so bad, they can't 2v4." Push a wave, get a turret. Roam behind, be useful. Roam to a different lane, put pressure on the map. Coordinate, get an objective. Or, you could sit at your turret and do literally nothing because "strategy doesn't matter, its only [Literally every elo in the game here]. This happens every early season for the bot lane meta. People five man gank bot ten trillion times and people whine that its 'the best adc' who wins. No, its the team that doesn't allow themselves to be out-rotated in literally every stage of the game that wins. It's the team that actually coordinates with their allies to make group plays and counter-group plays that wins. It's the team that focuses objectives, gets turrets, and applies global pressure that wins. Especially with games so snowball heavy right now, you coming together to STOP that five man gank bot lane could snowball the game in your favor. You following your laner top/mid to counter-gank and get some kills back could snowball in your favor. Not even Sneakie and Smoothie survive five man turret ganks bot lane alot of the time. There are just too many spells, too many health bars, and too little CC for that many people. If they see it coming, they can pull back, but its a garuntee lost turret. They have to rely on Impact and Contracts getting rift, or top turret on the backside, or TP ganking behind bot lane to assit. They have to rely on Jenson to follow down to counter-gank and get the turret, or take out the mid lane turret. Stop flaming bot lane, and DO something.
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