A message to support mains from a friendly ADC.

Yes, yes, a FRIENDLY ADC.......I swear. Anyway, about once every other game, my support happens to take a kill during a trade or whatever, and immediately afterwards, they apologize, and sometimes to the point where they're practically begging for their apology to be accepted. Now, this is understandable, because there are plenty of asshole ADCs out there that go berserk if their support takes just a single minion (even if they have Targons). If you happen to be playing with me, however, I don't give a damn if you take a couple kills in lane. As long you're not blatantly taking my farm just to troll me, I won't get mad. Besides, 90% of the time, I'll get the assist gold off of it, so I won't lose out on much, and that extra gold could end up making you a God in the later stages of the game, making you the true carry of the game! So, my message to support mains is this: don't apologize for the kills you take, and if your ADC is a real asshole.........take even more! Maybe then they'll realize how it feels to be a support.
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