A Gold in Bronze?

Lately when playing normals, I've been seeing an increase in not just my teammates, but also my opponents decision making and skill level. And just now after a good game my curiosity leads me to check my teammates and opponents elo ranking. And for about the last couple of weeks I have been playing against platinum, gold, and silver elo players. I always end up going about 21-3 when playing against silvers and then my score evens out further the rankings I go. Although I did play against a challenger recently and got fucked right in the ass.... I was placed in Bronze 5 when my provisionals went terribly wrong, from about 5 of them there being an afk, and 3 of them were just un - winnable because of how much one player fed, for example in one of them an ahri went about 3-31-9. I'm currently now in Bronze 3, I played about 10 games winning about 8 of them, but now that the season is ending I see no part in playing ranked. Like do you guys see this happening to yourself? Like why am I always playing with plats, golds and silvers when I'm bronze. At the start of the next season with my elo get boosted just like that?
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