This is the least fun league has ever been

The Juggernaut patch will go down in history as my least favorite time period that league has existed. The reason this game is so fun for me is because you don't have to always do the same thing over and over again. There is a huge variety of champions to pick from with different playstyles which allows every game to be completely unique. The new patch has introduced so many overpowered champions (already existent ones as well as new ones) that the game is no longer holding that same value for me. I can't really enjoy my games if my team crushes every lane except for one, and then the unkillable garen/darius 1 v 5's (this has actually happened to me multiple times at the platinum level) or viktor comes in and one shots me... Skarner is an unstoppable monster... the list goes on and on. I mean come on. The entire world has watched viktor wrecking mid lane for several months now in professional play. When is he gonna get taken down a notch? Some of these examples are blatantly obvious issues that need to addressed. I really hope that you guys (riot) will get the game under control again and try to be better about testing champion strength before things get this out of hand again.
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