A little worried about one feature of the new Mordekaiser: Clone skills.

I was watching Voyboy, and there was one thing that stuck out as something his Ult on Mordekaiser should NOT be able to do: - In a duel with Illaoi, Illaoi landed a Test of Faith on Mordekaiser. Mordekaiser's ult makes him immune to both Illaoi targetting the Spirit, AND taking collateral damage from it. This means: _**Shaco, LB and Wu Kong and their clones cannot enter the Shadow Realm with Morde.**_ This means champs like {{champion:74}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:143}} cannot use their Pets vs Mordekaiser, essentially crippling over half their power. In Illaoi's case, this literally meant all she had left was Q once, and 2 W's. I understand isolating a champ as a mechanic, and that's acceptable, but even Poppy's old kit didn't make her immune to her target's PETS/Clones.
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