Qiyana QoL Change(s)

Qiyana seems to be in the meta as a Mid Laner/Jungler, and top lane being her off-meta role. Yet she's only got around a 30% winrate (according to champion.gg and OP.GG) I can't say much for her mid lane capabilities, but in the jungle, she has a big issue with early clears. Her first clear is almost 100% reliant on her using both smites, and she still ends up with 40% or lower hp. A few changes might be able to fix that, and help bring her winrate up just a smidge. * **Firstly, her E** Currently, Qiyana's E is a single target dash at a fixed distance from her target, that does some fairly reasonable damage. When making her first clear, she tends to lose quite a bit of hp fighting both raptors and wolves. I feel like making her E deal 75% of its damage to non-champions it passes through would help keep her healthy enough to fit in a gank after her first clear, like most other junglers are able to do. * **Secondly, her ultimate** At the moment, her R only knocks back a fixed distance, making landing her ultimate quite finicky at times, where you don't always hit the targets into the wall, or into the brush, etc. A simple fix would be making the knockback to max distance, similar to Aurelion Sol's R knocking back to his star's outer limit. As compensation, you could lower the base damages, or the width of the knockback? * **Lastly, her EQ combo** In the ability tool-tip, it states that Qiyana can cast her Q mid-E to aim the Q on the target of her E. At the moment, this doesn't always work. I frequently EQ only to see my Q fly off in the direction of my cursor instead. Simply making that more consistent would be an amazing boost to her playability. Idea's? Feedback? I'm bad at this balancing stuff so if any of you have some ideas that would make it better, lemme know.
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