Remember when you could actually run out of energy on energy based champs?

Remember when champs with no resources could be punished shortly after wasting their CD's because they're supposed to be long? Remember when landing 1/5 abilities didn't mean you still killed someone? Remember how champs didn't get 2+ forms of mobility on low cds with possible resets to said mobility? Not even people who watch the LCS Riot caters so hard to wants this crap constantly flooding the game. Really wish we could go back to where being a tank meant you could survive more than 2 seconds or being a RANGED CARRY meant you didn't have mobility and cc or resets {{champion:18}} *triggered* This game has become such a shitshow and thanks to them removing all the games modes they make it just makes it even worse. Really wish more a big company would come out with a good game that can compete with this on replay ability if it wasn't for games being such ass that come out i'd have never come back out of boredom
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