Morgana Mid Nerfing

So lately Riot has been nerfing Morgana because of her mid lane presence supposedly. Now, their excuse was that, well, they don't want her mid lane. ...? I'm sorry, where is the part where she is SUPPOSED to be a support? If Lux can mid lane or support why can't Morgana? If Annie can mid lane or support why can't Morgana? If Brand can...well you get the point. You're trying to cut her waveclear dry, and it is pretty obvious. But my question is can you tell us WHY we apparently aren't allowed to play mid lane as her? I'm not TOO shocked, as you guys tried to gut on-hit Neeko, (yes that thing was busted, but lets admit they did try gutting that for good, so why even give her a third auto passive?) so frankly I totally see you as the type of people to make sure only SOME champions aren't allowed fun. Are you planning on making every champion stick to one role? Because it feels more like you are just not allowing diversity in a select few, and not the whole. If Morgana mid lane is dominating, let me know, but frankly I never thought a burst mage would be not accepted in mid lane. It is mildly disappointing. Edit: Been reading some of the comments, and I can see where it comes from now, thank you for the input. However, I do want to point out, that not every champion can be countered by anyone. I saw some people complaining over black shield, but we have mid laners that dont even get bothered by it. For example Zed and Karthus. Now the root I can see being a major annoyance for lane, but when I saw that the complaint was her pushing power, it made me wonder, what about other hard push characters? Sorry if I'm defending this Morgana mid thing too much, I just want to know the true reasoning and if it was a change that goes for other laners. For example, is Aurelion Sol still known as one of the best lane pushers in the game? Sorry I'm complicated blehhh
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