Am I the only one slightly disappointed that they didn't try to really rework Morgana?

Just saw the spotlights for Kayle and Morgana and while Kayle is, well, obviously a spotlight, they just simply mention that Morgana is just a VU but with a small buff to her ult now. Now, I don't really play Morgana. Visually I just couldn't like her without some of her later skins (plus that cycling of her 10 VO lines), I didn't really like her kit that much, and overall I expected some big changes from her when they announced that they were reworking the two sisters. Then in an update they said that they felt her kit was good and nothing should be changed, which worried me since I kind of wanted something to change with her, at least her W or passive if she's keeping her Q and her Ult. Something that suited more of a battle mage as that's how I always viewed her ult as. Fast forward to merely days before their reworks hit and I just can't help but feel disappointed in the fact that Morg is just a VU. Not that I won't complain about it, fuck she really needed one, but the fact that nothing changed about her kit I don't know is an astonishing thing or if Riot was too lazy to really think of anything else that worked better (or focused more on Kayle gameplay wise Idk). Who knows, maybe I'll pick her up more and realise her kit really is just that good to keep but overall I still can't get over my feeling that something else could of been changed.
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