Can we bring back a tweaked runeglaive?

Hey there! As the title suggests, I really miss runeglaive and what it would do for my girl {{champion:131}} . However, nobody misses what it would do for this Boi {{champion:81}} . My idea is to bring back runeglaive with the same build and stats as it was in 5.13: * ABILITY POWER : 50 * COOLDOWN REDUCTION : 10% * MANA : 200 But with some tweaks to the Spellblade passive: * UNIQUE PASSIVE : Spellblade - After using an ability, the next basic attack deals 100% Base Attack Damage (+0.3 ability power) bonus magic damage on hit in a **point blank Area-of-Effect around your champion**. As you can see, the meat of the change is that the AOE happens around yourself instead of your attack target, similar to a tiamat active. I think this would be a good way to reimplement this item for jungle champions that want it, while also softly locking out the abuse case named Ezreal. Thoughts?

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