Can we nerf Fiora Yet?

This includes a lot of flaming, you have been warned. She is always ignored, but she is a huge lane bully who only needs {{item:3077}} as she has built in speed and healing. Hell her lifesteal is better than vlads and he is the incarnate of lifesteal. Her entire kit is overloaded and cluster fuck as shit. I read her kit and was like wtf is this broken piece of shit? Lets examine her kit: Q: free dashes (a cluster fuck of you can't get away from the bitch) which includes a fucking hit with the dash and on hit effects with a fucking 60% cooldown refund(dufuq can u add more to one none ult fucking ability?) W: Dufuq is this broken shit I mean what kind of fuck shit is it that her kit can block any attack(people complaining about yasuo's blocking of projectiles, where you at?) including a fucking block, counter attack, with a mfucking slow, or even a fucking stun depending on the attack. Blocking all damage, debuffing herself, and a free attack dealing 90/130/170/210/250 (+0) magic damage, weren't fucking enough? You have to slow attack and movement speed? by fucking 50%, 10% not good enough for you? E: Oh look more overloaded mfkering nonsense. An attack speed boost and a fuckign slow again a fking mazing. I mean why not make her a cluster fuck opponent right? again a 10-25% boost wasn't fucking enough let's give her 50 fking percent. You can't critically strike on the first hit, so here's a fking 30% slow. But we will give you a garnteed fking crit the next speeded up attack. R: Lets give her free movement speed a fking gain because her already cluster fuck attack sytle wasn't fucking enough. I mean it's far more cancer than yasuo was with {{item:3022}} and his tank build, as she literally does the same fuckign build but better, but fuck it why not. OOOOOOOH while we are at it here is a fuckign shit ton of true damage. Buuut thats fucking not fucking enough, if you hit them with this attack you and your fucking team will be healed by this fucking shit 80/110/140 (+0) each second for between 2 to 5 seconds, scaling with the amount of Vitals hit. Are you fucking kidding me riot, this is the most cluster fuck abusive piece of fucking shit, overloaded mfkering toilet of a champion and not once do you address her.

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