New Master Yi Patch 9.10 is actually (REMOVED BY MODERATION) garbage. Ever since his 10% ad was removed and his guinsoos got (REMOVED BY MODERATION) nerfed to the ground, he is a (REMOVED BY MODERATION) garbage champ now. Actually unplayable. If you guys hadn't nerfed the shit out of guinsoos and got rid of his 10% ad, he would be perfectly fine where he is at. Since you guys decided to make him unplayable, now he is no longer a viable pick against anyone. I can literally barely 1v1 an adc now. This doesn't make sense. Master Yi is an assassin that should be able to get get on top of someone and kill them within a few auto attacks, while sustaining only a little bit of damage. Now that he has no extra ad, his healing is reduced with deaths dance, he can only live for a couple of secondds. And now that guinsoos is (REMOVED BY MODERATION) garbage item now, he cant heal off of the damage with deaths dance as much as he did before. Riot Games. Once again, You done (REMOVED BY MODERATION) up. Why do you always make something useful, then take it away. Absolutely mental mate. FIX THIS PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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