Veigar shouldn't be an anti-mage

The only thing in his kit that's indicative of being an anti-mage is the ult that has its anti-mage functionality randomly tacked on. None of his other skills do anything that screw over mages more than they screw over any other class of champions. Do you want a good example of an anti-mage? Look no further than Kassadin. -Reduces a percentage of magic damage taken passively -Can interrupt channeled abilities -Has a shield that blocks only magic damage -Excels at putting immobile mages in unfavorable positions with his R and E Meanwhile Veigar: -Punishes a mage for progressing in their build path with an ability that has very little outplay potential Veigar's R scaling with his opponent's AP is one of the main reasons his balance state has been a game of ping pong. This skill already has enough damage to remove non bruiser/tank roles from fights regardless of what they're building. Keeping this archaic mechanic tacked onto Veigar's ult makes it impossible for Riot to distribute power evenly throughout his kit and will keep him in a state where he's either overwhelming or underwhelming with no middle ground to be found.
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